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Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Download

    Sachin Saga Pro


    Experience cricket like never before with Sachin Saga Pro Cricket, offering an enhanced gameplay experience complete with brand new commentary by Nick Knight (English) and Nikhil Chopra (Hindi), along with an upgraded user interface. For the die-hard fans of cricket and the Master Blaster himself, Sachin Tendulkar, the game takes you on a journey through the Hall of Fame dedicated to Sachin Tendulkar, allowing you to unlock items through gameplay in multiple modes.

    Immersive Gameplay on the Pitch

    Step onto the pitch and choose from a diverse array of shots, whether lofted or grounded. Time your shots with precision by gauging the ball’s direction and score boundaries. Plan your strategy to set a formidable total while chasing a target. Immerse yourself in captivating camera actions and brilliant commentary, featuring 30 broadcasting cameras to capture that perfect shot, along with bowling and fielding replays.

    Cricket Legends at Your Fingertips

    Choose from cricket legends to form your fantasy team. Increase your team’s XP throughout the season by competing and winning in various cricket tournaments. Play your way to the top, seizing the spotlight to create your legacy on your terms.

    Varied Modes for Victory

    Play your way to victory with a range of famous cricket shots and bowling actions in diverse modes, including Tournaments, International Matches, Premier League Matches, and more events to come in this amazing cricket game.

    Sachin Saga Pro Cricket Features:

    Legends Journey:
    Embark on the Career Mode of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar in three phases, highlighting different stages of Sachin’s life—from the Boy Wonder displaying early brilliance to the Master Blaster becoming a cricketing symbol and finally the Legends era, showcasing high-quality matches where he rose as the God of Cricket.

    Single Player:

    Customize matches with options like weather, pitch, stadiums, overs, and time of day.
    Play in International Cricket matches and Premier League matches.
    Earn rewards and collect various cricket trophies for your collection.
    Explore Sachin’s Gallery, a collection of incredible, unique, and prestigious achievements throughout his career. Play different modes to unlock items.

    Build your dream team, collect Gold, Silver, and Bronze players, create a strong team, and compete against other users in different tours for various rewards.

    Download and Play for Free

    Dive into the legendary Sachin Tendulkar’s golden era and relive those glorious cricket matches. Sachin Saga Pro Cricket is entirely free to download and play, offering an immersive and authentic cricket gaming experience.