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VoxBox -Text to Speech Toolbox

    VoxBox -Text to Speech Toolbox


    Are you struggling with the quality of your audio works? Have you faced challenges in hiring expensive voiceover artists or dealing with the time-consuming process of dubbing yourself? Perhaps your own voice doesn’t quite meet your standards, and creating a quiet dubbing environment is proving difficult. VoxBox, a professional Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool, is here to solve these problems and more!

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    Sign up now and enjoy 2,000 characters of free text-to-speech, giving you access to all features, including a diverse range of voices, support for multiple languages, emotional settings, speech rate adjustments, background music, and more.

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    — Key Features —


    Transform text into captivating and realistic audio using advanced AI voiceover technology.
    Voice Cloning:

    Clone your own voice or that of your favorite celebrity to speak your prepared text in their unique voice.
    4000+ Sounds:

    Access over 4000 dubbing anchors, including real voices and 2D character voices, allowing for highly personalized voice synthesis.
    79 Languages:

    Global coverage with support for 79 languages, ensuring your creations can be heard worldwide.
    Background Music and Volume:

    Customize your audio with background music and volume adjustments for a harmonious listening experience.
    Tone Setting:

    Adjust pitch and audio speed to tailor the synthesized sound to your preferences and those of your audience.
    Emotional Settings:

    Diversify voice emotion settings to make the audio more authentic and lifelike.

    Save and share your sounds anytime, anywhere, showcasing your creations to the world.
    Perfect for Various Scenarios:

    TikTok/YouTube videos
    Audio novel voiceovers
    Podcast voiceovers
    Advertising text
    Children’s books
    Simulated celebrity conversations
    VR/phone messages
    Commercial videos
    Tutorial videos
    Narration videos
    Whiteboard videos
    Game commentary
    Sales letters
    And more!

    How to Use VoxBox – Text-to-Speech Toolbox:

    Install VoxBox on your device.
    Register a VoxBox account and input or paste text content.
    Select your desired sound and adjust parameters to your liking.
    Click “Play” to convert and export audio.
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    VoxBox – Where the world hears you, and you hear the world. Experience a simple yet unique text-to-speech app that transforms any text into high-quality audio files.