Top 100 Trending Android Games in 2024
Top 100 Trending Android Games in 2024

Top 100 Trending Android Games in 2024

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Trending Best Android Games port of the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise brings Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to mobile platforms. This installment in the series is somewhat revolutionary, featuring the main character, Carl Johnson, returning to his hometown of Los Santos after an absence of more than 10 years. As Carl reminisces about his past filled with criminal showdowns and illicit activities, the developers retained successful elements from previous games while introducing new features, enhancing the overall experience.

Trending Best Android Games

Minecraft – Pocket Edition:

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) APK is trending android games and stands as a revered project, requiring no excessive introduction. It has not only captivated the minds of gamers, becoming the game of a lifetime, but has also inspired dozens, if not hundreds, of clones varying in quality and orientation. Its cubo-pixel graphics have achieved classic status, and its mechanics are nothing short of revolutionary. Explore randomly generated biomes, delve into mining, crafting, and building, embark on farming endeavors, unleash your creativity, engage in battles, and revel in a fantastic world.


PUBG MOBILE is trending android games and is the Android port of the immensely popular battle royale game. Now, you can enjoy the thrill of your favorite royal battle on your phone or tablet while retaining all the advantages of PC and console versions. Join a global gaming community, compete to top the survivor ranking, and engage in intense battles.

Similar to the PC versions, 100 players land on an 8×8-kilometer island, aiming to be the sole survivor. Utilize various means and tactics, but beware – the playable area gradually narrows, forcing constant movement. Navigate a realistic island with diverse terrain and water barriers, using a variety of vehicles to traverse the map quickly. Team up with friends, coordinate actions using in-game voice chat, and benefit from an advanced anti-cheat system, ensuring fair and enjoyable gameplay for all.

Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free is trending android games and Fire is a survival shooter designed for mobile devices, pitting you against 49 other players on a remote island. As a Battle Royale game, it debuted successfully on the Android platform, leading to a proliferation of analogues and clones. Garena Free Fire APK is a multiplayer online shooter that borrows gameplay solutions from Battle Royale, resulting in an exciting gameplay experience. Jump out with a parachute, survive, and eliminate enemies – the last person standing wins. With impressive 3D graphics, a rich game world, dynamic gameplay, and tactical elements, this game caters to fans of the genre.

Fortnite: Trending Android Games

Fortnite, is trending android games and a mobile adaptation of one of the most popular third-person MMO shooters, embraces the battle royale mechanics. Whether you’re a fan familiar with the original game or a newcomer, the mobile version introduces a corporate style graphics, a system for constructing various buildings and fortifications providing new tactical opportunities, an extensive arsenal of uniquely designed weapons, and numerous features that mark its significance in the gaming industry.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

Designed for devices running on the Android system, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is trending android games and places players in the shoes of the iconic superhero Peter Parker in the bustling city of New York. Developed by gameloft, the game requires players to save the city from notorious villains like Venom and Green Goblin, adding twists to the storyline. Face off against enemies and navigate through challenges to uphold justice.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile is trending android games and invites players to confront entire teams of rivals, providing the option to assemble squads and engage in battles with real opponents worldwide. In this first-person shooter, control a warrior, navigate various city locations, and combat enemies. COD: Legends of War boasts a wide array of weapons to defeat opponents and enhance your hero’s capabilities. Rise in the rankings by destroying enemies and earning points in this intense gaming experience.

NBA 2K20:

NBA 2K20, is trending android games and a simulation game within the renowned basketball franchise from 2K Sports, offers unrivaled graphics and gameplay for mobile sports enthusiasts. Manage a team or an individual player in three-on-three mode, aiming to score more baskets than your opponents. The game features a career mode where players can customize lineups, discover new talents, and manage club finances. Dive into the challenging duels with improved difficulty and immersive music tracks, experiencing the world of basketball like never before.

Bully: Anniversary Edition

Bully: Anniversary Edition is trending android games and narrates the life story of young Jimmy Hopkins, a hardened bully transferred to the unruly Bulworth School. Fight back against bullies, set your own rules, engage in mischief, and explore various opportunities to gain popularity among different student groups. Participate in school activities, handle pranks, and navigate the intricacies of the school system to shape Jimmy’s destiny in this engaging adventure.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

The mobile version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is trending android games and brings the iconic racing series from ELECTRONIC ARTS to mobile platforms, combining arcade elements, stunning graphics, and thrilling competitions. With over 40 of the coolest sports cars and supercar prototypes, various tracks, modes, and conditions, the game closely mirrors its predecessors. Players can choose from multiple control options, allowing drivers to seamlessly connect with high-speed technology in the most optimal way.

GTA: Liberty City Stories

As part of the renowned third-person action game series developed by Rockstar Games, GTA: Liberty City Stories is trending android games and puts players in the shoes of Tony Kipriani. After hiding for several years following the assassination of a powerful mafia figure, Tony returns to Liberty City. The city is in chaos, with forgotten agreements, territorial wars, and power struggles. Players assist Tony in navigating this tumultuous environment, offering a chance to reclaim status and potentially become one of the city’s controlling bosses.


The mobile version of the iconic pixel 2D sandbox, Terraria, is trending android games and encompasses survival, exploration, digging, construction, and battles. Offering almost complete freedom in actions and choices, players can build, develop, and employ various tactics in a uniquely generated world. Boss fights add intensity, and the game’s cooperative adventures in network play create an engaging experience. The sandbox provides a full storyline, allowing players to fight bosses, engage in construction, and experience various in-game activities.

Among Us:

Among Us is trending android games and is an enthralling multiplayer action game where players must identify an imposter aiming to sabotage plans and eliminate others. The gameplay is simple yet intriguing, allowing players to act as ordinary individuals or as criminals seeking to disrupt the plans of others. With pleasant visual design, varied gameplay, excellent optimization, and responsive controls, Among Us has gained popularity for its engaging multiplayer dynamics.

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Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers is trending android games and presents an interesting runner game where players control Jake, a cheerful boy painting the surroundings in vibrant colors. Evading the relentless pursuit of the local police and their fierce dog, Jake must run fast, jump high, and overcome obstacles. Collecting bonuses and coins along the way allows players to transform their character and enhance agility, making it an exhilarating experience of escape and pursuit.

Grand Theft Auto 3:

Grand Theft Auto 3, is trending android games and a leading game in the series, maintains its prominence with a mobile version released by Rockstar Games. Having garnered over a million downloads, the game continues to captivate players worldwide. Known for its content and simulated world, GTA 3 offers an immersive gaming experience, showcasing the publisher’s dedication to extending the legacy of this iconic brand.

Bloons TD 6:

Bloons TD 6, is trending android games and short for Bloons Tower Defense 6, is a strategic game that challenges players to defend a fortress using a squad of monkeys. The goal is to thwart a continuous onslaught of fast-moving balloons, with success depending on minimizing misses. This installment introduces new balloons, each with unique appearances and characteristics. The game features 30 maps, some with challenging areas requiring strategic planning. Players can deploy two types of monkeys: towers (with 20 species, including Alchemist and Druid) and heroes (with 20 special skills and 2 active abilities).

Hello Neighbor:

Hello Neighbor is trending android games and presents a stealth horror game where players must sneak into a neighbor’s basement to uncover sinister secrets. The objective is to navigate the basement undetected, but an advanced AI adapts and learns from the player’s every move. The game introduces challenges like bear traps and security cameras, requiring players to think creatively and find new solutions to avoid detection. With a dynamic AI opponent, Hello Neighbor provides a suspenseful and immersive experience.

Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is trending android games and is a unique physics-based simulator where players assist a clumsy character named Bob. The game begins with Bob falling asleep and experiencing a peculiar dream filled with obstacles. Players must solve puzzles, each offering individual solutions, as they navigate through the dream world. Be cautious, as any mistake sends the character back to the beginning. Human: Fall Flat combines creativity and problem-solving in a whimsical and challenging environment.

Dream League Soccer 2021:

Dream League Soccer 2021, is trending android games and the latest installment in the popular football series from First Touch Games Ltd, brings a host of exciting features. Players can create their dream team from a pool of over 3,500 real players, design logos and uniforms, and compete in top stadiums against the world’s best teams. With realistic player models and behavior, thanks to new motion capture technology, the game immerses players in the football experience. Enjoy atmospheric commentator speeches, build and manage infrastructure, attract football agents, and ascend through 18 divisions and cups in this highly anticipated soccer simulator. The game also introduces a new soundtrack to enhance the gaming experience for football enthusiasts.

Brawl Stars:

Brawl Stars, is trending android games and a creation from Supercell, offers dynamic multiplayer battles featuring teams of three participants. Join forces with friends and engage in vibrant battles across various modes, including solo or team matches, gem collection, star battles, breaking the opposing team’s safe, and even a football mode where scoring two goals before they explode is the key. Unlock an array of characters, upgrade their abilities, customize appearances with numerous skins, and climb the local and global rankings to showcase your skills. Additionally, players can create communities to share tips and valuable information.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: is trending android games and Zero Hour introduces a new storyline in the widely acclaimed action game series from Gameloft. Utilizing the Havok engine designed specifically for smartphones, the game promises high-quality and detailed graphics. The classic action storyline involves a group of terrorists holding hostages, prompting an armed group of fighters to intervene, risking their lives to prevent nuclear war. Experience the gripping narrative and immersive graphics by downloading the game.

Efootball PES 2024:

Konami’s efootball PES 2024 is trending android games and stands as one of the premier soccer simulators, offering thousands of official clubs and athletes. Take complete control of each football player on the field, making precise passes, and scoring goals. The game includes features such as player placement changes, team member training, player contracts, statistics viewing, and more. The updated season brings current information on players, teams, and coaches, along with real-time online play with friends and notable improvements in graphics, controls, and sound effects.

Max Payne Mobile:

Max Payne Mobile, is trending android games and developed by Rockstar Games, is one of the top shooter games for Android devices. Experience a captivating storyline filled with well-developed levels and various game objects. The game’s unique feature is the ability to slow down time during jumps, making enemy encounters easier to handle. With improved graphics and solid optimization, Max Payne Mobile offers an engaging experience for shooter enthusiasts.

Hitman: Sniper

Hitman: Sniper is trending android games and provides an excellent shooting range experience with the iconic character from the Hitman series. Set in sunny Montenegro, players receive daily orders and tasks, choosing targets and embarking on a “hunt.” With over 150 exciting missions and a variety of unique sniper rifles, the game combines strategy and precision as you become a skilled and efficient hired killer.

Stardew Valley:

Stardew Valley is trending android games and is a pixel simulator enriched with farm elements, promising an immersive and engaging experience. Following a letter from a late grandfather, the player inherits a run-down farm and commits to its restoration and improvement. Customize your character, develop the farm through various paths such as livestock breeding, mining in caves, and cultivating plants. Interact socially, make friends, and eventually start a family. Navigate through changing seasons, unexpected challenges, and unique gameplay elements in Stardew Valley for a captivating farming simulator experience.

Farming Simulator 20:

Embark on the agricultural journey of a lifetime with Farming Simulator 20, is trending android games and the continuation of the best farming simulator. Developers have enhanced gameplay, improved graphics, and introduced new equipment, making the farming experience even more realistic. From sowing diverse crops to engaging in animal husbandry, the simulator offers a comprehensive farming experience. Drive tractors, combines, trucks, cars, and even participate in horse racing for added excitement.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2:

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is trending android games and takes the horror to a new level with even scarier characters. Spend another night with eerie dolls that transform into terrifying entities after dark. Despite appearing cute during the day, these dolls unleash their true horror at night. The second installment offers new locations, intensifying the suspense and horror. Brace yourself for a thrilling and chilling experience with the added fright of new monsters.

Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 is trending android games and continues the saga on Android, delivering an engaging storyline where players combat enemies. Equip your character with an array of weapons, unique armor sets, and a variety of melee combat techniques. Battle numerous enemies and demonic bosses to achieve the ultimate goal of closing the gates of shadows. The game combines combat and RPG elements, offering an exciting journey through different worlds with realistic animations and intuitive touch screen gameplay.

Car Parking Multiplayer:

Car Parking Multiplayer is trending android games and is a captivating parking simulator set in an open world. Your task is to skillfully park your car within marked areas across more than 80 levels. The game provides a realistic car control panel with a virtual steering wheel, clutch, brake, and gas pedals. Adhere to traffic rules, navigate obstacles, and avoid collisions while meeting time limits. Choose from a free mode to explore the city at your leisure, providing a break from the challenge of parking.

Geometry Dash:

Geometry Dash is trending android games and offers a fun platformer experience on Android, requiring players to navigate various dangers by jumping and flying. With simple one-touch controls, the game features numerous levels that promise hours of entertainment. Enjoy the dynamic gameplay and attractive visuals while experiencing the thrill of overcoming challenging obstacles. If you find this game interesting, check out its sequel, Geometry Dash World.

Gangstar Vegas:

Considered the best analogue of the legendary GTA, Gangstar Vegas is trending android games and offers high-quality graphics and bombastic gameplay for Android devices. Assume control of a character navigating a city entrenched in chaos, lawlessness, and violence. Survive in this criminal city, strive to lead a mafia clan, and make a name for yourself in history. Explore the vast open world, engage in gang wars, participate in robberies and races, shoot enemies, and complete intriguing quests. Define your unique style and choose your path, whether it be combat, racing, or leading criminal organizations. The possibilities are rich and varied in this thrilling game.

60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure:

Dive into a gripping survival adventure with 60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure, is trending android games and a hardcore gaming experience. Assume the role of an ordinary family head facing a world plunged into nuclear war. With warheads about to descend, players have a mere 60 seconds to scavenge the house for supplies and rush themselves, along with their spouse and children, to the bomb shelter. The collected items and choices made during this frantic period dictate the course of life underground, filled with tough decisions, actions, and potentially somber consequences.

Bed Wars:

Bed Wars is trending android games and offers a dynamic pvp action experience with a cubo-pixel design. In this game, 16 players are divided into 4 teams, each tasked with protecting a bed from enemy plots. Engage in high-energy matches where players not only battle but also strategically build using available materials. With 4 islands and 4 teams vying for victory, Bed Wars promises exciting and unpredictable confrontations, perfect for fans of online competitive gaming.

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition:

The Android adaptation of the renowned role-playing bagel genre game, Don’t Starve Pocket Edition, is trending android games and invites players to delve into the challenge of survival. Retaining the essence of the original PC version released in 2013, this mobile iteration offers familiar game mechanics, graphics, and the crucial absence of room for error. Fans of roguelike and serious role-playing games will find the mobile version of Don’t Starve Pocket Edition captivating.

Assassin’s Creed Identity:

Step into the Italian Renaissance era with Assassin’s Creed Identity, is trending android games and where players choose from classes like shadow warrior, trickster, and thief. Embark on tasks, develop your Assassin character, and unravel the mysteries of mysterious crows. Offering freedom of movement, historical ambiance, and open spaces to explore, this game immerses players in the Assassin’s Creed universe. Overcome challenges and become a true master of the craft.

Stick War: Legacy

Command your nation, launch strategic attacks, and emerge victorious in Stick War: Legacy. is trending android games and As the leader of a nation surrounded by hostile states, declare war, implement tactical maneuvers, and control both groups of units and individual stickmen during battles. Resource management becomes crucial, and players must strengthen their armies by acquiring resources from gold mines and expanding territories. Topple colossal statues and claim new lands in this war strategy game.

Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is trending android games and stands out as a prominent real-time strategy game, inviting players to construct massive empires and compete for glory. Decide whether to focus on city rebuilding and defense or engage in dynamic battles against players worldwide. With a focus on strategic planning, defense mechanisms, and the option to form alliances for a powerful empire, Clash of Clans offers a diverse gaming experience. Enjoy dynamic multiplayer battles, strategic planning, a variety of units, vibrant graphics, and addictive gameplay in this modern real-time strategy game.

GTA: Chinatown Wars

Experience the renowned GTA franchise in the palm of your hands with GTA: Chinatown Wars. is trending android games and A port from the Nintendo DS console by Rockstar Games, this game revolves around Huang Li, tasked with safeguarding a family relic – an ancient sword. Following the assassination of his father, Huang must reclaim the stolen relic to prove his family’s worthiness to control the Triad and preserve their legacy.


Immerse yourself in the atmospheric arcade world of BADLAND, is trending android games and a runner-style game with captivating visuals. Guide a mysterious black creature through 80 unique levels, overcoming obstacles along the way. With an addictive soundtrack and intuitive controls, BADLAND offers both a compelling single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode for up to four players on the same device.

Vector Full:

Embark on a thrilling parkour adventure in Vector Full, is trending android games and set in a future where you escape government pursuit. As the best parkour expert, navigate through obstacles with spectacular jumps, slides, and dodges. Upgrade your abilities to conquer increasingly challenging levels, showcasing your achievements on the Facebook leaderboard.

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The Escapists:

Take control of a prisoner and assist in their escape in The Escapists, is trending android games and an engaging simulator for Android. Navigate through a prison filled with puzzles and perilous missions, evading guards and searching for essential items and keys. Escape the confines of the prison, hide from pursuing authorities, and compete with friends to achieve record results.

Plants vs. Zombies 2:

Join the battle against zombies once again in Plants vs. Zombies 2, is trending android games and the sequel to the popular casual game from ELECTRONIC ARTS. Defend the farmer’s house against relentless zombie hordes using an extensive array of plants with unique abilities. The game features beautiful graphics, skill development, and regular updates, making it a complex and enjoyable experience. Though the presence of in-app purchases poses challenges in later levels, players can opt for a modded version to enhance their gameplay with abundant crystals.

Ultimate Custom Night:

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping horror experience with Ultimate Custom Night. is trending android games and As a security guard locked in a nightmarish office, you face over 50 entertaining yet terrifying robots. Your mission is to monitor security cameras, doors, vents, and air hoses to prevent these malevolent animatronics from breaching your space. Keep those cameras charged, flashlight batteries inserted, and stay vigilant; failure means you won’t make it out of your shift in one piece.

Kick the Buddy:

Vent your frustrations in Kick the Buddy, is trending android games and an action-packed Android game allowing players to unleash various methods (shooting, explosions, wrestling, etc.) On a resilient doll named Buddy. Though you can’t fully eliminate Buddy, you can push him to a critical state. The game revolves around thoroughly mocking the character, with damage reflected on Buddy’s body. Earn in-game currency to purchase new torture weapons, change locations, and explore items for Buddy’s wardrobe.

Madout2 bigcityonline:

Engage in open-world racing with madout2 bigcityonline, is trending android games and a creation from Russian developers set in the expansive landscapes of our country. With high-level graphics and physics, choose from over three dozen cars, completing tasks and indulging in wild chases across various locations. Keep an eye out for the upcoming online mode, adding an extra layer of excitement to this demanding yet thrilling game.

Plague Inc:

In Plague Inc is trending android games and for Android, deviate from the conventional hero roles; instead, embrace your villainous side with the primary goal of destroying the world. In your laboratory, craft infections, viruses, and more to initiate a global pandemic. The challenge lies in devising a strategic plan to infect the first patient and propagate the infection while combating humanity’s ability to create antiviruses and vaccines.

Shadow Fight 3:

Embark on a 3D-graphic adventure with Shadow Fight 3 is trending android games and on Android, delving into the conflict between three clans vying for control over the recently emerged Shadow energy. Each clan, Dynasty, Legion, and Messengers, has a distinctive fighting style, leaving the user to decide which side to champion. Immerse yourself in the captivating narrative and strategic combat of this thrilling game.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Experience the rush of arcade racing with Asphalt 9: Legends, is trending android games and featuring real cars for high-speed driving. Choose from over fifty renowned racing cars, each an exact replica of its real-world counterpart. Compete in global tournaments, follow the game’s plot for a career, and revel in the game’s user-friendly controls optimized for smartphones and tablets. A plethora of locations, unique tracks, and stunning graphics await arcade racing enthusiasts.

Off The Road:

Take on the challenges of Off The Road, is trending android games and a captivating racing project where gamers navigate various vehicles through rough terrains or barely defined paths. From high-cross-country wheeled vehicles to speedboats and helicopters, complete tasks, upgrade equipment, purchase new vehicles, and face tests of perseverance and bravery. The game unfolds on a vast island, encouraging exploration of hidden spots and conquering challenging areas devoid of traditional roads. With its free trial, rich vehicle selection, and expansive open world, Off The Road promises an endless adventure.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Embark on a post-apocalyptic survival journey with Last Day on Earth is trending android games and on Android. In this online game, navigate a world transformed into a vast wasteland after a nuclear explosion. Your objective is to survive alongside allies, construct a base, manage a group of survivors, and gather vital resources. Utilize numerous objects and adaptations to build and fortify your base while perfecting weapons for protection. Take on opponents by attacking their bases, seizing territories, and acquiring valuable resources. Form unbeatable alliances and play Last Day on Earth with friends.

Hide Online:

Enter the world of Hide Online, is trending android games and a delightful online game on Android where players engage in global hide and seek. Challenge friends or join the hunt as both hunter and object. Explore diverse locations, seeking and hiding faster than rivals. Select your preferred object, find the most secluded corners, and achieve remarkable results playing with friends.

Hill Climb Racing:

Experience the joy of racing with Hill Climb Racing, is trending android games and a game filled with great physics, numerous locations, and a touch of humor to lighten the mood wherever you are. Take control of any vehicle, from ordinary cars to tanks, as an average person attempts to cover a set distance before running out of fuel or overturning. With diverse terrains like deserts, mountains, and snowfields, the game prompts strategic vehicle choices. Hill Climb Racing’s variety of locations and vehicles is sure to impress, and the in-game currency collected on the road funds your adventures and tricks.

Real Racing 3:

ELECTRONIC ARTS presents Real Racing 3, is trending android games and a high-quality racing project offering thrilling competitions on 39 tracks across 17 global locations. With up to 40 participants in each race, immerse yourself in the action behind the wheel of one of the 140 customizable cars. Marvel at the beautiful graphics, partake in races against real opponents, follow the career development system, and relish the multitude of features that make Real Racing 3 an exceptional genre representative.


In Granny, is trending android games and not all grannies are sweet; one has captured you and won’t let you leave her house. Wake up in the house with a single thought – escape. Utilize the environment, hide, run, and do whatever it takes to break free from this terrifying place. Beware of Granny, and don’t get caught, or you’ll find yourself back knocking on her door.

N.O.V.A. Legacy:

A captivating shooter game, N.O.V.A. Legacy, is trending android games and is a beloved choice for everyone. This mobile shooter thrusts players into the life of Cal Warden, defending the colonial office against alien forces attempting to conquer the planet. Uncover mysteries surrounding the unexpected alien attack in this unique sequel that continues the legacy of the popular shooter released eight years ago.

True Skate:

Experience the thrill of skating with True Skate is trending android games and on Android. Skate through a beautiful park equipped with ramps, stairs, pipes, and handrails. Use your fingers to push the skate and glide through the skate park, enjoying realistic physics, beautiful graphics, and a camera that lets you see where you are. True Skate offers a variety of skate parks to explore, making it a delightful addition to your gaming adventures.

The Sims Mobile:

Embark on the enticing journey of life simulation with The Sims Mobile, is trending android games and now available on Android. Create a unique Sim, customizing their appearance, character, and skills. Interact with other Sims, build relationships, and earn valuable rewards. Design your hero’s wardrobe and change outfits daily. Set life goals, pursue careers as doctors, models, cooks, or ordinary workers. Experience the limitless possibilities of the game, fulfill your dreams, and build your dream home.

Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2:

Mini Militia, is trending android games and the miniclip platformer shooter, caters to team battle enthusiasts. Exhibiting similarities to the popular Worms series, the game demands skills in calculating projectile trajectories and other factors. Engage in destroying the opposing team with up to six players on a map featuring 20 different locations. From forgotten jungles to diverse desert landscapes, the variety of maps adds to the excitement. Choose weapons wisely – from pistols to rocket launchers – and customize your character for a memorable gaming experience.

Sky Fighters 3D:

Prepare for an intense battle as foreign planes launch an attack. No restrictions on take-off mean it’s time for a serious confrontation. As a rookie, your mission is to control a combat aircraft, eliminate enemy planes, and destroy their buildings for victory. Gradually enhance your skills and upgrade your equipment to counterattack and emerge as the ultimate winner. Apply deadly blows and save the state at all costs in Sky Fighters 3D.

Pixel Gun 3D:

Immerse yourself in online shooting on Android, fighting hordes of zombies with a vast arsenal of weapons. Featuring both online and local multiplayer modes, Pixel Gun 3D is trending android games and offers an opportunity to play with friends and customize your character with special settings. With a variety of weapons, new maps, and multiple modes, the game delivers stunning sound effects for an immersive gaming experience.

Traffic Rider:

For thrill-seekers and speed enthusiasts, Traffic Rider is trending android games and on Android offers a heart-pounding experience. Take control of a powerful motorcycle, navigate busy tracks, and maneuver through an endless stream of cars. Overtake vehicles, maintain a short distance from oncoming traffic, and set records while avoiding emergencies. Discover new motorcycles with unique characteristics and designs in this adrenaline-pumping game.

Dead Trigger 2:

Experience the continuation of the Android first-person shooter sensation, DEAD TRIGGER 2, is trending android games and featuring impressive graphics and unique gameplay. Face the challenging task of finding a safe haven and fighting for survival against bloodthirsty zombies. Join the elite resistance squad, engage in a global story, and immerse yourself in the battle for human survival. With sensitive and accurate controls, joystick support, and customizable options, DEAD TRIGGER 2 delivers a thrilling gaming experience for true enthusiasts. Join the fight for survival!

Day R Survival:

Immerse yourself in an intriguing game that takes you back to a time when the USSR still existed, but Earth’s landscape has transformed drastically. The ruthless war of 1985 saw the USSR defeated by an unknown enemy, turning the entire country into a radioactive desert. Now, mutated monsters roam the ruins of Soviet cities, driven by hunger. As an accidental survivor, your destiny is in your hands. Survivors are not known for kindness; they prioritize food, water, and weapons. Features include hardcore survival, a dynamic living world, crafting, quests, a vast array of weapons, and the option for joint battles in an online chat.

Smash Hit:

Embark on an otherworldly journey with Smash Hit is trending android games and on Android, accompanied by atmospheric music. To navigate successfully, concentration is key. Knock down various obstacles in your path as you traverse over 50 different levels with 11 unique styles of scenery. Activate the premium version for an enhanced gaming experience.

The Sims 3:

EA Mobile brings you the beloved life simulator, The Sims 3 is trending android games and Create virtual Sims, shape their lives, and build relationships. Customize characters, explore the world, and ensure your Sims’ happiness. Help them unlock their potential by completing over 70 achievements. With numerous opportunities, this Android game stands as one of the best simulators.

Traffic Racer:

Experience the timeless appeal of Traffic Racer, is trending android games and a classic racing project that remains entertaining and addictive despite its age. The game continues to be updated, providing high-speed, traffic-filled gameplay. Comfortable controls and a diverse range of content prevent boredom for those who seek constant development and improvement.

Swamp Attack:

Inhabit a small house in a dense forest under siege from forest creatures. Armed with various weapons, fend off attacks using machine guns, flamethrowers, and more. With 78 levels across four episodes and diverse locations, save money to upgrade weapons and repel forest animals faster.

Hungry Shark Evolution:

Continue the famous is trending android games and arcade game where you control a hungry predator of the deep sea. From a small fish, grow into a bloodthirsty monster, devouring sea creatures, fishermen, and swimmers. Fight hostile sharks, deep-sea monsters, and submarines. Explore a vast underwater world, complete exciting missions, and improve your shark with treasures. The game boasts stunning 3D graphics and dynamic gameplay.

Knife Hit:

Experience the cool arcade game from Ketchup that has gained popularity for its originality. Accurately stick various stabbing weapons into a rotating axis target. Earned points unlock new opportunities to showcase your skills and dexterity.

Drag Racing:

Feel the thrill of street racing in Drag Racing is trending android games and on Android. Choose from dozens of cars, each upgradable, and compete against other players online.

Block City Wars:

Enter Block City, is trending android games and a pixel open world engulfed in real war between the mafia, police, and freedom fighters. Take part in complex missions, drive classy cars, fly helicopters, or use a jet pack to defeat enemies. A vast selection of weapons aids your participation in this ongoing pixelated war. Join the conflict and emerge victorious in Block City Wars.

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Score! Hero:

Immerse yourself in the football world with Score! Hero, is trending android games and a game from the creators of renowned titles like Score with over 280 levels, customize your player’s image, skillfully score goals, win cups, switch between clubs, and represent your country. The game boasts excellent physics and a smart AI, ensuring every ball strike takes a unique trajectory.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Experience the mobile spin-off of the iconic first-person shooter series. Face hordes of zombies alone or in co-op mode. The sudden apocalypse has arrived, and you, as the main character, must survive against mutant hordes. Mow down enemies, collect supplies, and enhance your character in this thrilling survival game.

FR Legends:

For speed and drifting enthusiasts, FR Legends is trending android games and offers a racing experience on the Android platform. Get behind the wheel of drift cars, customize behavior, tune the engine, suspension, and appearance. With an intuitive control system, aim for maximum speed, perform extended drifts, and earn points through a unique scoring system. Future updates promise multiplayer, championships, and more.


Embark on a captivating casual adventure with gameplay reminiscent of “three in a row” puzzles. Join Austin, a butler, in restoring an old mansion and bringing it back to life. The game combines beautiful graphics, a compelling storyline, and various tasks to create a positive gaming experience.

Romance Club:

Stories I Play: Indulge in a romantic text adventure featuring Adelaide, a young girl navigating love and pirates. As the daughter of a Caribbean governor, Adelaide’s life takes unexpected turns, leading her to join pirates, seek revenge, and unravel the Aztec curse. Make choices that impact the storyline in this engaging romantic tale.

Angry Neighbor Hello from home:

Embark on a fascinating adventure within your neighbor’s house is trending android games and in this popular game now available on smartphones. Solve the mystery of your neighbor by exploring their home. Enjoy beautiful graphics and dynamic gameplay as you attempt to escape from the pursuing neighbor.

Buddy Toss:

Enter the world of casual gaming with Buddy Toss, is trending android games and a delightful game where a single touch sends your character soaring to new heights. With intuitive controls, tap to throw the character upwards and time your taps to ensure a safe landing. Set impressive records, smile at the charming design, and conquer various themed challenges.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

In this role-playing game infused with building simulation and tactical strategy elements, you journey to the Middle Ages. Assume control of a small settlement, build your castle, and defend against fantasy villains. Fight for your property, engage in strategic planning, and experience the blend of role-playing and tactical defense in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom is trending android games.

Beat The Boss 3:

Engage in cathartic boss-beating in this Android game is trending android games and Your tormenting boss is now at your mercy. Create a toy version of your boss and experiment with a variety of weapons and deadly devices. Features:

• Craft your unique boss

• Customize your weapons

• Over 100 incredible and deadly devices

• Boss reacts to beatings realistically

Gardenscapes – New Acres:

Embark on a thrilling three-in-a-row puzzle adventure on Android. Build the garden of your dreams by arranging rows of flowers, fruits, leaves, and more. Solve logic tasks and puzzles across diverse locations, creating beautiful gardens and meeting various characters along the way. Enjoy the challenge and earn valuable rewards.


Experience an extraordinary quest in Machinarium is trending android games and on Android. This unique city is filled with rusty iron inhabitants, and as a little robot, you must navigate through puzzles and challenges. Unlike traditional quests, Machinarium relies on visuals and thought clouds to convey the essence of problems and solutions. Immerse yourself in mini-games and unravel the mysteries of this captivating world.

Jetpack Joyride:

Dive into the exhilarating world of Jetpack Joyride, is trending android games and an arcade game with dynamic gameplay and stunning graphics. Take on the role of Barry, an ordinary guy on an extraordinary adventure. Strap on a jetpack and navigate through a myriad of obstacles, avoiding traps and rocket volleys. Collect coins to unlock new weapons and enjoy the fast-paced excitement.

Earn to Die 2:

Survive a real zombie apocalypse in the sequel to the popular game Earn to Die is trending android games and Your mission is to reach the rescue ship on the other side of the zombie-infested country. Armed with an old car and limited funds, navigate through cities overrun by zombies. Enjoy a new extended storyline, diverse environments, and the challenge of escaping the undead.

Talking Tom Hero Dash:

Join the ranks of superheroes with Talking Tom is trending android games and his friend Angela in this thrilling runner game. Control furry characters with unique abilities, battle raccoon gangs, and unlock additional characters like Hank the dog. Traverse picturesque locations, collect items, and perform stunts to defeat the mischievous raccoons and earn cool rewards.

Avakin Life:

Immerse yourself in the life simulation genre with multiplayer features. Comparable to The Sims on Android, Avakin Life lets you create your character, design your home, socialize in real-time, and explore a virtual world with endless possibilities. Express yourself, find like-minded individuals, and indulge in various activities.


Discover a colorful action game with dynamic gameplay in Bowmasters. Developed by, the game blends elements of shooters with mechanics reminiscent of Angry Birds. Choose from 30 characters and 31 weapons to obliterate everything on the screen. Engage in one-on-one duels in this entertaining and visually appealing game.

Car Parking Multiplayer:

Experience the excitement of a parking simulator with an open-world concept. Navigate more than 80 levels, park your car within the designated area, and master realistic car controls. Follow traffic rules, avoid obstacles, and race against time to complete challenging levels. Choose free mode to explore the city at your own pace when tired of parking challenges.

Star Wars: KOTOR

KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic): Embark on a four-thousand-year journey in the Galactic Empire, where an epic war has raged. As a last hope, you must navigate the conflicts between Jedi Knights and Sith. Choose to master the incredible Power and save the empire or succumb to the path of the Dark Knight. Become a hero or villain, savior or conqueror – the fate of the entire galaxy rests in your hands. Embark on an exciting adventure across eight vast worlds aboard your own spaceship.

Drive Ahead:

Engage in extreme physics-based racing where you navigate arenas to collide with opponents’ cars. This pixel-graphic game offers diverse vehicles, from racing cars to trucks and excavators. Take control, inflict damage on opponents, and avoid tricky traps and obstacles. Win races, unlock new cars, and build your unique collection. Challenge friends in the same arena and climb the leaderboard.


Immerse yourself in a pixel shooter game that blends arcade and roguelike elements. Set on a space station, the protagonist wakes up after three days to find the crew transformed into aggressive monsters. Survive in this hellish environment, combining dynamic shooting with role-playing elements. Uncover the gripping storyline and navigate through the challenging narrative.

Car x Drift Racing:

 Experience high-quality drift racing on Android, renowned for its popularity on other platforms. The game boasts realistic physics and a comprehensive control system. With only two pedals and a handbrake, maneuver through drifts with precision. Despite modest graphics, the game offers a captivating experience, complete with car tuning and an engaging soundtrack.

Toca Hair Salon 3:

 Step into the role of a stylist at a popular beauty salon in this fascinating arcade on Android. With improved graphics and meticulous gameplay, the new version allows you to choose a client and showcase your styling skills. Use a complete set of tools to create beautiful hairstyles, including a magical tonic to fix accidental cuts. Explore new features like braiding and beard care, and access an extensive array of accessories. Share photos from the photo booth on social networks.

Touchgrind BMX 2:

 Embark on the sequel to the popular sports project with races on BMX bikes. Enjoy improved graphics, intuitive controls, new maps, locations, tasks, and tests. The developers have taken a different approach to the mission system, offering insane conditions and scenery. Perform breathtaking stunts, record and share them with other players, making this sequel an enticing and thrilling experience.


Enter the sandbox world of Survivalcraft, a game on Android reminiscent of Minecraft – Pocket Edition. Stranded on an uninhabited island, survive at any cost by exploring, gathering resources, crafting tools and weapons, and hunting. Build shelters to endure the night. With 3D visuals and infinite construction possibilities, Survivalcraft delivers a compelling survival experience.

Simcity buildit:

 Take charge of creating your metropolis in this simulator game on Android. As the city head, engage in construction, meet citizens’ needs, and manage city services to address issues like fires and traffic jams. This realistic simulator offers a bustling city environment with interactive citizens. Solve real problems, build interesting structures, and manage resources through auctions. Enjoy full control with a 360° rotation and witness the city’s evolution from day to night.

The Simpsons:

Tapped Out: Discover the thrill of a genuine urban simulator reminiscent of The Sims – it’s The Simpsons: Tapped Out. If you enjoy building, developing infrastructure, and earning in-game currency (PI), this game is tailor-made for you. Play fair, adhere to the rules, and witness the gradual construction of a bustling city where locals thrive. This game serves as an entertaining parody of other gaming projects, adding an extra layer of intrigue. Join Homer as he navigates the aftermath of a nuclear power plant incident, finding himself immersed in a game he recently played on his tablet.

The Sims freeplay:

Embark on limitless possibilities with this magnificent Android simulator – The Sims freeplay. Create your virtual SIM with a unique appearance and pursue life goals. Dive into an expansive gameplay experience where you work, socialize, and enhance your character’s life. Develop the city by constructing buildings, exploring various venues, and connecting with friends. This diverse and exciting gameplay will captivate you for an extended period. Download the cache applicable to your device through Wi-Fi for an optimal gaming experience.

Shadowgun Legends:

Immerse yourself in the intense world of Shadowgun Legends, an online first-person shooter with a compelling plot and striking special effects. Humanity faces annihilation from extraterrestrial invaders, and only the Shadowgun organization’s fighters can confront the enemy. Engage in a captivating story mode across different planets with 200 missions, participate in cooperative raids against formidable bosses, and compete with other players in pvp arenas. Customize your character, explore an extensive arsenal of weapons and armor, and experience innovative trade, communication, and interaction systems.

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Day R Premium:

Embark on a minimalist-style Android game that unfolds a gripping tale of war. Set in the harsh conditions of war, your character faces numerous difficulties and dangers. Survive the terrors of hunger, devastation, and death during the war in 1985 in the USSR. Roaming the streets are monstrous creatures seeking victims. Assist the protagonist in navigating this post-apocalyptic world, emphasizing survival strategies in a text format. Keep a close eye on factors like hunger, blood loss, fatigue, thirst, and radiation contamination, each affecting your character. The game’s unique atmosphere captures the essence of wartime anxiety and terror. Navigate through a large map, avoiding radiation-heavy cities, and make strategic decisions to survive. The game’s monotonous essence transforms when exploring cities, where careful monitoring of indicators becomes crucial. Day R Premium delivers an engaging experience with fun quests, a vast world to explore, and a constant analysis of survival strategies. Face the challenges of a war-ridden world and prevent death from claiming the main character.

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